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    Kymmendö, Stockholm Archipelago / Stockholms skärgård
  • Impact
    Carlsson is on his way to the island of Hemsö in the Stockholm archipelago to work at widow Flod’s farm. With Flod’s husband dead and her son Gusten not caring about farming, the farm is in a state of disorder. When Carlsson starts taking care of everything, Flod is happy, but her son finds Carlsson very snobbish. Eventually Carlsson marries Flod – but let’s just say she’s not the only woman on the island.
  • Balticness
    Through this depiction of the olden days and of life in the archipelago, August Strindberg tried to combat his homesickness while living in Germany and France.
  • Translations
    Language Year Translator
    Danish 1976 Jens Kruuse
    Danish 1985 Sven Lange
    English  1959  Elspeth Harley Schubert 
    English 1965 / 1973 Arvid Paulson
    English 2012 Peter Graves
    Estonian 1929 H. Agumees
    Finnish 1895 Arkadius
    Finnish 1929 Tauno Tainio
    German 1891 Erich Holm alias Mathilde Prager
    German 1894 / 1917 Mathilde Mann
    German  1908 / 1918 Emil Schering 
    German 1919 /1923 Else von Hollander
    German 1863 / 1981 / 1983 Hans-Jürgen Hube
    German 1984 Anne Storm & Arthur Bethke
    German  1984 / 1991 Alken Bruns 
    German  2013  Angelika Gundlach 
    Latvian 1949 Lizete Skalbe
    Lithuanian 1989 Eugenija Stravinskienė
    Norwegian 1939 Paul Gjesdahl
    Norwegian 1993 Gunnel Malmström
    Polish 1895 Felix Popławsky
    Russian 1986 E. Soloveva & Vladimir Neustroev
    Russian 2010 A. Koiranskij & A. Vladimirova 
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