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    The collection Kuljen missä kuljen (I wander where I wander) was published in 1965. The poems describe a poet lost in his writing and readers are invited to participate in this process. The collection opens with a series of poems devoted to Helsinki, which forms the backdrop to the poet’s wanderings, memories and impressions. The poems are collages that combine very concrete, rapid everyday scenes and events with political and existential musings.

    Although the poems were written in the 1960s, some of the places they refer to are still recognizable today (Kauppahalli, Kulosaaren Casino, Rautatieasema, Suurkirkko and Kaisaniemen puisto). Others have faded into history, like much of the former atmosphere of Finland’s capital.

    Saarikoski is regarded as an important modernizer of Finnish poetic language.

    Ritva Hapuli

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    As a central feature of Helsinki’s location, the Baltic Sea certainly forms part of Saarikoski’s poetic landscape. His work provides glimpses of the sea but also refers to it in terms of the geo-political neighbourhood along its shores.

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    kuljen missä kuljen. Helsinki, Otava 1965; Tähänastiset runot. Helsinki, Otava 1978, 141-185.


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    Swedish 1969 Claes Andersson, Bo Carpelan
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