Das Dorf Tolmingkehmen

  • Country in which the text is set
    East Prussia, Germany
  • Featured locations

    Tollmingkehmen - Tshistyje Prudy - Tolminkiemis (nowadays in the Kaliningrad region)

  • Bibliographic information

    First published in the „Eckart-Jahrbuch“ and 1966 in the poetry collection „Wetterzeichen“ (S. 24). Cf. Johannes Bobrowski: Gesammelte Werke in sechs Bänden, hg. von Eberhard Haufe, Bd I. Berlin bzw. Stuttgart 1987, S. 165; Erläuterungen: Bd. V. Stuttgart 1998, S. 172-173.

  • Translations
    Language Year Translator
    Lithuanian 1974 Bronys Savukynas
    Swedish 2001 Lars-Inge Nilsson
  • Year of first publication
  • Place of first publication
    Berlin (West)

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