Winniczki, kałuże, deszcz

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    Gdańsk - Danzig
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    In 1987, in the last years of communist Poland, a young prose writer, Paweł Huelle, published Weiser Dawidek (Who is David Weiser?), a novel devoted to themes that were still politically taboo at the time: Polish-Jewish relations and the German history of large parts of Poland. In his later works he elaborated this perspective, interweaving episodes from the history of his native Gdańsk with personal memories. In his novels and short stories he refers to the political oppression of the Stalin era, the birth of the Solidarność movement, and the chaos of the first years of democratic transition in Poland, often employing the point of view of a naive child narrator.

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    Huelle provides a personal perspective on the modern history of one of the culturally most significant of Baltic Sea cities.

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    Puls Publications, London 1991

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    English 1994 Antonia Lloyd-Jones
    English 1995 Michael Kandel
    German 1992 Renate Schmidgall
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