Kunksmoor. Kunksmoor ja kapten Trumm

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    An anonymous island in the Gulf of Finland, a big town (Tallinn?)

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    "Old Mother Kunks" and its sequel "Old Mother Kunks and Captain Trumm" are modern fairytales about a good witch who lives in harmony with nature and heals her patients – humans and animals – with spells and herbs. At the end of story Old Mother Kunks has to heal the sea itself because the negligence of people has caused an oil disaster. Although her spells are not strong enough, she still manages to save the sea.

    The "Old Mother Kunks" books have enjoyed enduring popularity and have been published several times. The stories have also been the subject of a number of animated films and several theatre productions. In Estonian the word "kunksmoor" has become a synonym for "good witch." In 1976 Aino Pervik received the annual Juhan Smuul literature prize for "Old Mother Kunks and Captain Trumm." In 2000 "Old Mother Kunks" came third in a poll conducted by the Estonian Children's Literature Centre of the 100 best Estonian children's books of the twentieth century.

    Ingrid Velbaum-Staub

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    The Baltic Sea is one of the most fragile ecological systems in the world and every oil leak can have fatal consequences. However, in the mid-1970s, at a time when official propaganda was emphasizing the “scientific-technical revolution,” focusing on such environmental problems in the context of children’s literature represented a highly unusual and innovative approach.

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    Aino Pervik: Kunksmoor, Tallinn 1986, p.99-111

  • Translations
    Language Year Translator
    English 1986 Ellen Sillamägi
    Finnish 1978 Kirsi Kunnas
    German 1979 A. Kaidja
    Russian 1983 T. Teppe
    Russian 1988 Vera Ruber
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